The company SZERBUD engaged in housing construction for 20 years. We are known for our timely putting the buildings to use and the use of the best available materials and solutions.
      To meet the rising cost of heating and protect the environment, consciously we use the building materials ensuring low maintenance costs borne by future residents.
Multi-family buildings on the street. Brigade in Rzeszow will be equipped with, among others, in:
5-chamber windows with a combined package of 3-shaft heat transfer coefficient Ug = 0.6,
izokorby separating the terrace from the wall plate that eliminating linear thermal bridge protect the wall from freezing.
terrace surface covering resin specialist to guarantee long-term durability and comfortable use.
the best on the market for ceramic bricks Wienerberger Porotherm having the best thermal and acoustical
insulation of external walls 15 cm layer of Styrofoam
very economical individual gas boilers with automatic control, allowing you to customize the optimal temperature indoors
heaters for high efficiency heating,
energy-saving electric lifts.
In the interests of our customers' wallets negotiate a maximum low administrative costs for professional service settlement (cleaning, snow removal, lawn mowing, garbage collection).

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